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To have a world full of people living with intention, authenticity, love, gratitude, and hope.


The antidote to stress and burnout!

The #undeniabletruth workshop is based on Erica's journey to mental, physical, and emotional health; her comeback from burnout and toxic stress to her true Self.  Through her own personal story, hands on exercises, knowledge from her career as a therapist, and being a Graduate Professor of human development and shame, she shows how to start living in a more mindful, conscious, and intentional way so that you can become the best version of you in twelve steps.  This is authentic, mindful living wrapped up in a success mindset.  This is truly the antidote to toxic stress and burnout.

In this workshop, you will learn...

1. How to develop a success mindset.

2. The mind and body health benefits of alternate healing options.

3. Exercises that you can use anytime, anywhere to help you get calm.

Erica has presented this workshop to Military personnel, business leaders, school systems (both teachers and students), and therapists.  Please see home page for testimonials.

The #undeniabletruth movement is a 45 day experience with weekly one hour zoom video conferencing with Erica and the group.  It also includes a group chat for all the members so that the positive mojo is flowing constantly throughout.  There will be weekly assignments to help solidify what is learned in the calls.  In addition, Erica will have a new meditation for the week to use at any time, any place. 

This isn't therapy where we analyze the past; rather this is a set of steps to use every day from this point forward.  Say goodbye to stress, worry and sadness.  Say hello to the framework of Freedom so that you have the life you seek!  You are worthy of this.  

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