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Empowering convos on HOT, FUN relatable topics to open your mind!

Grab your coffee, get comfy, and step into an intimate convo with “The Ericas” on The Ericas Podcast. In today’s Insta-world, our lives (and timelines) are moving 100 mph and it can be hard to keep up and stay centered at the same dang time. Taking steps to be present and aware are more important than ever. Erica America and Erica Cuni create empowering conversations to open your mind, discover your truth, find your purpose, and ultimately, live your best life. Join The Ericas on a deep-dive into self-exploration, the path to loving yourself, and fun, relatable hot-topics like dating and relationships.  

Erica America is a Radio Host at Z100 New York, iHeartRadio and a TV Commentator seen on ‘Dr. Drew On Call’ on HLN, Fuse and The CW. She is a trained Psychotherapist with a holistic approach, emphasizing self-love, compassion and living with a purpose. She is a Pop Culture ‘Analyst’ with a unique brand of breaking down trending topics using a psychological lens called #PopTherapy. She also conducts intimate celebrity interviews with #DeeperwithErica.  You can find her on Twitter and IG @TheEricaAmerica and Facebook @Erica America.   

Erica Cuni is a Graduate Professor, a former Psychotherapist with over a decade of experience, a Business Owner, a Meditation Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher, and a DoTerra Wellness Advocate (yes, there is an oil for that!).  In addition, Erica is the creator of the #undeniabletruth Program in which she shares 12 steps to living your best life, which is based on her textbook knowledge, her experience in the therapy room and, most importantly, her own self-love journey.  You can follow her on Facebook, IG, Twitter and YouTube @EricaCuni or visit her website at for more info.  

Now the question is… Are you ready?

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