#undeniabletruth Podcast

In this groundbreaking podcast, you'll find the road map to living life on your own terms. As a spitfire with high energy, Erica is here to show you that you can have it all - that energy and the inner peace, no matter what is going on outside of you.

Join Erica each week as she explores various ways to live your best life through personal experiences, professional stories from her career as a clinical therapist for almost 15 years, textbook knowledge as a Graduate Professor, breathing exercises, and actionable steps for you to try at home so that you can be living your #undeniabletruth, too.

For if there is one thing Erica knows for sure, it’s that we don't need to move to Bali for three months to be a meditation guru.  So, are you ready to embrace your #undeniabletruth with Erica? Let's go!

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Erica’s Podcast is full of golden nuggets that push you to be your best self.  Erica has a way of speaking that is both engaging and thoughtful, making you not only listen but pay attention.

This podcast doesn’t hold back.  Erica shares her truth in a powerful way, helping all of us to uplift our lives.

Thank you for being so open and vulnerable. I know so many people who need to hear this message. I will be sharing this podcast with my team and so many more. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of your episodes and the ones that are yet to come. Continue to be a source of light and inspiration!


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