Personal Coaching

Are you missing that spark that you used to have in your life? Whether you are experiencing burnout or about to be, look no further. This is the roadmap to living life on your own terms with twelve steps. Truly the cure to stress and burnout.

This coaching program is based on Erica’s almost 15 year career as a clinical trauma therapist trained in a variety of modalities, a Graduate Professor of Human Development, Shame/Trauma, and Relationships (Family, Couples and Self), a supervisor for other leaders and her own healing journey from burnout to complete mental, physical, and spiritual health.  Besides holding a safe space for you to learn this new way of being, Erica will also be your change agent and hope merchant throughout your entire time together.  This is what she wished she had when her life started to fall apart.  For she knows firsthand, burnout does not need to be the new normal.

If you are looking to have a coach that instills hope and educates so that you are emboldened to go after the life you have been seeking, click below to schedule a time to meet.  This experience will give you not only your life back, but a life where you get to be authentically you and it is filled with peace, joy, gratitude, compassion, patience and love. The best part, she understands because she has been where you are right now.

This is NOT therapy where we analyze the things of the past. Rather, it’s a new way of being from this point forward. There is no diagnosing; only a safe place to learn. She is your personal accountability coach, teacher, and cheerleader - all rolled into one.

Schedule a time to hop on a free 20-minute Zoom call with Erica to get more details and to see if you two are a good fit.



Working with Erica has changed my life beyond what I can put into words. She is empowering, caring, and respectful, while at the same time has made me be uncomfortably reflective in order to become my best self. The work is never done, but she has helped lay the groundwork for a life I never would have imagined less than one year ago.

I came to see Erica when I felt like the whole world was against me. In working with Erica, she challenged me to see the good in everything. She taught me to have faith and to leave fear at the door. I now know the meaning of self-love and gratitude, that no matter what happens to me, it is for my greatest good.  I wish I could put into words how blessed I feel to have worked with Erica.  She has given me a new perspective on myself and in life.

My gratitude for Erica cannot be put into words. I feel like I am sitting with a life long friend when I meet with Erica. Erica personifies empathy and caring for her clients. Her passion for helping others is inspiring. Rarely have I come across a person so determined to improve the lives of others, and teaching people that there is another way if they are willing to do the hard work to achieve it.


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To have a world full of people living with intention, authenticity, love, gratitude, and hope.