Motivational Talks

Erica Cuni inspires and motivates others who are currently experiencing or in danger of experiencing burnout. Through her own personal comeback story plus her textbook knowledge as a Graduate Professor and her career as a Clinical Therapist for almost 15 years, she shows others how to combat it, find their spark and own their lives.

Erica has spoken in front of various audiences, such as, US Veterans, Active Military Personnel, Professional Development for Education Professionals, Conferences for Mental Health Professionals, and Workshop Series for Entrepreneurs. In addition, she presents to her classes weekly on a variety of topics to keep them engaged and excited to learn. Talks are able to be tailored to suit your audience’s needs.

Contact Erica to get more details on how she can inspire hope and create change for your audience.



This was an excellent workshop!  The best workshop I've been to in a very long time!!  I wish we had more time.

Two months ago I sat in a Professional Development that changed my current course of thinking. I did not think I would feel this way in this time of social distancing and quarantine.  But thanks to simple ideals taught to me by Erica during that meeting, I have found a lot of peace, comfort and head space. For that, among so much other in my life, I am grateful.

Ms. Erica Cuni did an outstanding speech about mental health awareness. Her presentation was optimistic, realistic and engaging. Ms. Cuni presented to over 600 students, educators, administrators, and town council representatives. The audience was visibly engaged during her stage time. Ms. Cuni is a powerful speaker that touched our hearts and mind.


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