Hey there!  I'm Erica.

You know those questions I asked on my homepage?  I answered “yes” to each of them at one point in my life. The best part, I had no clue I was burnt out. I would have told you that I was strong enough. I thought I could handle anything because I was a licensed clinical trauma-informed therapist working with the hardest populations.

At 34 years old, my life fell apart. I have learned that life has a funny way of making sure it’s message is received and it can only be ignored for so long before we are “woken up” whether we want to be or not. Over the course of fourteen months, I was hit by a Mack Dump Truck while driving to work, a long term romantic relationship ended, I was fired from my job, drank a lot and I had to move back to my parents' house with my dog, Bear, because I had no money and lots of debt. I felt like I had a black cloud over my head that was never going to leave.

My first night back at my parents' house, I was a hot mess. I sat on the floor with a bottle of wine, ugly crying, and asking myself "How did I get here?” and “I thought I was doing everything right. Where did it all go wrong?” You see, at this point in my life, I already did therapy to deal with my childhood issues. I knew every nook and cranny of my life. I did the forgiving. I did the healing. Not to mention, I had a master's degree in therapy. I was a licensed clinical therapist trained in a bunch of different therapies so that I could help others figure out their stuff. So, what in the world was I missing?

As I rebuilt my life, #undeniabletruth was born. This is what I wished I had when my life was falling apart - a road map, a guide, a step by step process to help me find me again and get my life back. Something that just said "this way next” so that I didn’t have to think (if you’re burnt out, you know exactly what I mean).

This process has allowed me to become the best leader in all areas of my life. There is no shame to my game anymore, for I am proud of every choice and decision I make in my life. Today, I have my mojo and I can say that I have completely recovered from burnout. My life is filled with mind, body, and spirit health.

And now, I have made it my mission to show every other person who works in high stress situations (Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, Nurses, Doctors, Police Officers, Firefighters, CO’s, EMT’s, Paramedics, U.S. Veterans, Mental Health Professionals, School Professionals, etc.) that burnout doesn’t have to be part of our norm. We can truly do the work and have our lives be flowing with joy, gratitude, compassion, love and PEACE. We all can be living, owning and speaking our #undeniabletruth. 

Sending love and light. Deuces!


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