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The road map to living life on your own terms.

When we learn how to stay calm  while experiencing our feelings, we find that we are happier, and in return, that leads us to having better relationships with everything outside of ourselves.  This is because the relationship we have with ourselves sets the standard for every other one, regardless if it's people, places, or things.   Research is showing how effective mindfulness is with enriching and healing our lives when we incorporate it consistently.  

To be clear, this is not therapy where we analyze the events of the past.  This is truly a way of life from this point forward.  This is authentic, mindful living wrapped up in a success mindset so that you have a life filled with integrity, empowerment, and success.  To put it simply, #undeniabletruth is the antidote to stress and burnout.

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She is not your typical therapist.

Erica Cuni, LMFT is a former Clinical Therapist with almost 15 years of experience, Graduate Professor on Trauma, Human Development, and relationships, Host of #undeniabletruth Podcast, Co-Host of The Ericas Podcast, Meditation Facilitator, Reiki Master/Teacher, and business owner. 

Between 2014 and 2015, Erica would have said that she had a black cloud over her head.   She was in a serious car accident, a long term relationship ended, and she was fired from her supervisor position - to name just a few events of that year.  She thought she was doing everything "right" and often wondered, "How in the world did I end up here?"  She had done years of therapy prior to Graduate School to help understand her childhood and one question kept plaguing her mind, "what am I missing?"  The #undeniabletruth way is what was missing.  This is based on her journey to mental, physical, and spiritual health; her comeback from burnout and toxic stress. 

Professionally, she has over a decade of experience as a therapist and will joke about it being closer to 20 years.  This is because she considers her 10 years of being in the restaurant/bar industry, anywhere from being a server to a DJ, prior to completing graduate school as part of her training to become a licensed therapist.  In addition, Erica has a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Business Management with sales and management experience (inside sales, radio, and recruitment for a for-profit online university).  

In her therapy career, Erica has worked with individuals, couples, and families of all ages, populations, and genders.  She has specialized in areas of complex trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, grief, Autism spectrum, divorce, high conflict custody cases, Department of Veterans Affairs, Public School Systems, and Department of Corrections while being trained in an array of therapies.   In addition, she has held several positions, such as, clinician, manager, clinical supervisor, an interim school social worker, graduate professor, and owner of her own private practice. 

Over the past 5 years, Erica has been on her own spiritual journey; she has found her #undeniabletruth and has learned how to own it, speak it, and live it.  She is an avid practitioner of meditation, an essential oils lover, and a Reiki Practioner.  She has completed an intuitive mentorship, as well.  



#undeniabletruth Podcast

Welcome to #undeniabletruth, where we own it, speak it, and live it.  In today's world, we are constantly moving and our lives are filled with daily stressors.  As a spitfire with high energy, Erica is here to show you that you can have it all - that inner peace while still being you and without moving to Bali for three months to become a meditation guru. Join Erica each week as she explores various ways - through interviews, stories, and her expert knowledge - to help you live life on your own terms.  In this groundbreaking podcast, not only will you receive actionable steps to try immediately, there are free guided meditations in every episode so that you, too, can embrace your #undeniabletruth - anytime, anywhere.  Follow @undeniabletruthpodcast on Instagram.  If you haven't already, make sure to subscribe, like, and drop a review on iTunes, Spotify, and Google.

The Ericas Podcast

Grab your coffee, get comfy, and step into an intimate convo with 'The Ericas' on The Ericas Podcast. In today's insta-world, our lives (and timelines) are moving 100mph.  It can be hard to keep up and stay centered at the same dang time. Taking steps to be present and aware are more important than ever. Erica America and Erica Cuni, LMFT create empowering conversations over fun, hot relatable topics like dating and relationships.  Follow @theEricasPodcast on Instagram, Facebook and Twitters.  If you haven't' already, subscribe, drop a review and like us on the iHeartRadio app.

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It's time to disrupt the podcast world with this groundbreaking approach.  In each episode, you will receive actionable steps for you to try and FREE guided meditations so that you can start to live life on your own terms.  Are you ready to embrace your #undeniabletruth with Erica? Let's go!

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Empowering conversations on FUN, HOT relatable topics to open your mind, discover your truth, and find your purpose while living in an insta-world.

Kasey, Military Programs Manager

Erica’s energy, presentation style, and story draw you in immediately, but it is her message and spirit that continue to resonate.  I have worked with military personnel for over 12 years and have seen a variety of speakers struggle to connect with this demographic. Erica, however, quickly establishes credibility, speaks their “language,” and is incredibly relatable. Erica’s powerful story of her journey to self-love, self-care, and acceptance is a lesson that will help those starting their own journeys, and also provides a powerful reminder to those already on their way. 

Attendee of The #undeniabletruth Workshop at the University of Hartford, TD Bank Leadership Series

This was an excellent workshop!  The best workshop I've been to in a very long time!!  I wish we had more time.

John, former #undeniabletruth client

Working with Erica has changed my life beyond what I can put into words. She is empowering, caring, and respectful, while at the same time has made me be uncomfortably reflective in order to become my best self. The work is never done, but she has helped lay the groundwork for a life I never would have imagined less than one year ago.

Christina Hernández-Williams - World Language Facilitator/Teacher/Veteran´s Day Committee member of Cromwell Public Schools, Cromwell, CT.

̈Ms. Erica Cuni created a presentation for the Cromwell High School annual Veteran´s Day assembly. She did an outstanding speech about mental health awareness and career options for secondary students in the social work field. The presentation was full of relevant and factual information. Her presentation was optimistic, realistic and engaging. Ms. Cuni presented to over 600 students, educators, administrators, and town council representatives. The audience was visibly engaged during her stage time. She is extremely knowledgeable in public services for most everyone and assisted our social National Honor Society students in finding an appropriate place to donate supplies for veterans.Ms. Cuni was on time, responded quickly to our request and checked in several times. Ms. Cuni is a powerful speaker that touched our hearts and mind.

Karrie "Hannah Montana", former #undeniabletruth client

"I came to see Erica when I felt like the whole world was against me. In working with Erica, she challenged me to see the good in everything.  She provided me with guidance on how to live a happier and healthier life.  She opened new doors for me spiritually and I finally feel at peace.  She taught me to have faith and to leave fear at the door. I now know the meaning of self-love and gratitude, that no matter what happens to me, it is for my greatest good.  I wish I could put into words how blessed I feel to have worked with Erica.  She has given me a new perspective on myself and in life.  I am now 'awakened' and the feeling of worry is just a thing of the past."

Shannon M. - President of National Honor Society 2018-2019 school year

Each year, the National Honor Society helps organize the Veteran’s Day breakfast and assembly at our High School.  At the assembly this year, we decided to focus the presentation on the mental health of our nation’s Veterans.  We had an amazing guest speaker come in, Erica Cuni, who is a therapist and has worked with Veterans with mental health issues.  She shared her own first hand experiences regarding Veterans.  This was an incredible experience for the students, as many are taught and understand how Veterans can be physically impacted, but not mentally.  When I took a look out into the audience of over 600 students, administrators, and Veterans, every adult and student’s eyes were locked in on Ms. Cuni, fully engaged in the information she had to offer.  As I look back on the presentation, I think about how impactful it was for everyone to hear this information and how incredible Ms. Cuni was delivering it.

Dave, former #undeniabletruth client

I am no longer living in the past; but am planning for my future.  My gratitude for Erica cannot be put into words. Human language is simply not adequate enough to express how I feel about the work that she has put into helping me become a better person.  I feel like I am sitting with a life long friend when I meet with Erica. Erica personifies empathy and caring for her clients. Her passion for helping others is inspiring. Rarely have I come across a person so determined to improve the lives of others, and teaching people that there is another way if they are willing to do the hard work to achieve it.  I would, (and have) recommend Erica's services to anyone that is willing to be uncompromisingly honest with themselves in the pursuit of a better state of mind and overall happiness. We have but one life to live, so we might as well be the best version of ourselves that we are capable of being. Erica can help you achieve this if you are honest with her and yourself."




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