FREE Self-care for the modern healer.

This open forum is for healers, leaders, and helpers alike to come together and soak up some positive vibes! No commitment required; come when you can. The sole purpose is to provide unconditional support and a safe space for you to just be - with no judgement. There’s no planning or facilitating on your part. Erica will guide you every step of the way. Just come as you are and spend up to 20 minutes on just YOU while sharing space with others that get it. Join us daily at 10:30am EST via Zoom. See you there!


Do you feel like all that you do is give, give and give and receive nothing in return? Do you feel like you never get a break? Are you noticing that you are getting overly irritated with people? Do you feel like you hit the snooze button too much? Does your to-do list seem like it’s getting longer and longer? Have you lost your passion for your relationships, career or life?

The dictionary defines burnout as the state of mental and emotional exhaustion caused by overwork or stress. So if you answered, ‘yes’ to these questions, the bad news is that you may be experiencing or about to be experiencing burnout. The GREAT news is that you have found the cure on how to overcome it. A way to find you and consciously own your life because burnout does not need to be part of the norm.

Welcome to #undeniabletruth - the roadmap to living life on your own terms with twelve steps. This isn’t therapy where we analyze the past. Rather, it’s a new way of life from this point forward. There is no diagnosing; only a safe place to learn so that you can achieve anything you want, when you want, and in any area of your life. Whether you are experiencing burnout or about to be, this is truly the antidote to burnout and stress. Are you ready to embrace your #undeniabletruth? Let's go!



Erica Cuni is a Licensed Therapist, Graduate Professor, Podcast Host, Motivational Speaker, Meditation Facilitator, Reiki Master and fellow survivor of burnout.



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There are certain people in this world who just “have it” and Erica is one of them. A visionary, conscious entrepreneur and heart-led leader, Erica’s track record is a prime example of an undeniable energy. Her presence speaks without having to say a word and creates a ripple effect of inspiration, positive vibes, and resilience. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Erica’s power first hand at a mastermind and couldn't get enough. It demands truth, integrity, and change. If you're looking to learn, collaborate, follow, or work with Erica, I HIGHLY recommend what she has to offer. She is unstoppable. She is powerful. She is undeniable. The new wave of conscious leadership is here and Erica is behind the wheel. Grab a seat, you won't want to miss this ride.

Voy, Men's Mentor & Performance Coach

Erica’s energy, presentation style, and story draw you in immediately, but it is her message and spirit that continue to resonate.  I have worked with military personnel for over 12 years and have seen a variety of speakers struggle to connect with this demographic. Erica, however, quickly establishes credibility, speaks their “language,” and is incredibly relatable. Erica’s powerful story of her journey to self-love, self-care, and acceptance is a lesson that will help those starting their own journeys, and also provides a powerful reminder to those already on their way. 

Kasey, Military Programs Manager

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